ASOM Founder of Concrete Block Recordz is originally from Paris 18 District with Italian background.

Known in the French hip hop scene since 1997 as an Mc he has featured in several video clips which were broadcast on MTV BASE France & TRACE TV.


Asom isn't just an Mc, he is a passionate & dedicated hip hop activist who speaks fluently 4 languages (French/Italian/English/Spanish). He gained knowledge from the streets and achieved the following qualifications : Bachelor in International Business & Trades, Advanced Diploma of Art Director & Diploma of Marketing.


Asom has worked with some of the most talented & popular artists in France including Dj Battle - Official Dj of LA FOUINE  (DMC Champion & Winner of French MTV Music Awards), Dj Keshkoon - French member of Lord of the Underground, Alibi Montana, La Cliqua : Daddy Lord C & Rocca (Tres Coronas), Krokmitten (MA3), Les Sages Poètes De La Rue, Octobre Rouge, Voodoo, Dj Blaiz.


Asom also lived in Montreal (Canada) & NYC Bronx for 3 years. This expanded his international connections and from this has collaborated with the likes of Muzion, Imposs, SP & Cobna, Kardinal Official, G Fella, Wutang Clan &  Jojo Pellegrino (Wutang Fam), Sadat X & Salese, Sean Price & Twan (Boot Camp Click), Copywrite,  Tony Touch & Dj Ricky Touch, Bone Thugs n Harmony & Onyx.


Asom has released 3 compilations which were available in Virgin Stores and iTunes :

Hunter Poles Volume 1 mixed & scratched by Dj Battle,

Hunter Poles Volumes 2 mixed & scratched by Dj Keshkoon (Lord Gang DJ)  

IHHM Dangerously Lyrically Armed.


In the last 15 years Asom has specialised in video filming, editing & colouring. He has worked on more than 40 compatible broadcast music video clips.

Active on Perth hip hop scene since 2012, Asom is already grinding on a everyday basis to put WA on the map.

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