Chong Nee is a name synonymous with NZ Hip-Hop & RnB music scene but also Reggae. A winner of 2 Pacific Music Awards (Best Album /Best Male Performer) it is no wonder that Chong-Nee is considered a super talent amongst his peers.


He has collaborated with artists including : Phillip Fuemana's, The Ill Semantics, Dei Hamo, Killah Priest (Wutang) & musical legends such as : Dave Dobbyn, the Finn Brothers, Che Fu, Renee Geyer.


With his ability to create beats, play, and sing music it has to be said that Chong-Nee is as always, someone to watch out for. You can be sure that whatever he does it will be done with the pure, raw talent of a seasoned musician.


Chong Nee lived for 4 years in Perth from 2012 to 2016, during this period he worked with his brother Asom on various projects and since then they became lifetime family.


He went to back to live in New Zealand, but Chong Nee is a lifetime Concrete Block Recordz member.


He is bringing his huge experience and talent from a distance to make bangers for the label.

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