Kudzai Ivan Makawa also know as Kay'G'Host was born in Harare Zimbabwe & grew up in Mufakosi, at the age of 12 he moved to the UK and lived in the hoods of Small Heath Birmingham, Thurmaston in Liester and then Brixton London, just after moving to the UK, he started doing music, mostly hip hop.


He's one of the 3 mentors of CONCRETE BLOCK


In 2008 he migrated to Perth Australia to pursue his studies In Media Film and Television.


The conception of his son bred a ''new him'' henceforth a new sound reggae hip hop; at this point his music gained value and a whole new beginning of the journey to finding himself. In this journey, he came to learn he didn't want to "break, murder or kill" anything, but more build something greater than him. So his new focus became the youth because that's tomorrow's future.


With his natural talent, Kay'G'Host has already been active on the local Perth Hip Hop scene since 2009, and has constantly been dropping new music along the way or participating in big International Artists support acts.


In March 2017 he was signed to Concrete Block Recordz to reach an other level of expectations and goals


He is currently working on his album Reflections which will drop soon

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